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When I wrote my first book, ‘Buyout’ I discovered that some printers were not prepared to deal with an individual independent author like me but only with publishers. After taking some advice from literary consultants I decided to set up my own publishing company, Mainsail Books, at that time purely as a vehicle to get my own books printed. I certainly didn’t, at that time, envisage getting into the mainstream publishing business.

My literary journey saw my first book, ‘Buyout’ develop into a trilogy of business thrillers, with the publication of ‘Payback’ and ‘Chinese Whispers’, all three published by Mainsail Books. I also came into contact with a number of other great indie authors, but I found that there were very few writing in a similar genre to me: thrillers rooted in the business / financial world. That was until I discovered Rose Edmunds, talented author of ‘Never Say Sorry’ and ‘Concealment’. Rose has enjoyed a glittering career in the financial world, working in the City of London, and like me, decided to retire early from the corporate / financial rat race in order to become an author. Her novels, like mine, draw heavily on her own real-life experiences giving them the gritty ring of truth.

Having read both of Rose’s currently-publishedrose edmunds headshot works I was just so impressed with both her storytelling ability and her literary skills. Even more interesting to me was the uncanny level of synergy between her books and mine. Rose and I both set our stories in the backstabbing environment of the  corporate / financial world but we come at it from slightly different angles: I approach it more from a business perspective and Rose more from a financial perspective. Our books are thus nicely complementary.

I decided that I just had to meet this lady and it turned out that we had so much in common that it seemed only logical to start working together. I am delighted to tell you that Rose has agreed to join me in publishing under the Mainsail Books umbrella.

As it happens, I have also now discovered another great author who writes in a similar genre, and it may well be that he too might join Mainsail books. I won’t mention any names at this stage in case it doesn’t happen but … watch this space!

So Mainsail Books is now well on the way to becoming the leading specialist publisher of corporate / financial thrillers.

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It’s an exciting time for Mainsail Books!