‘Chinese Whispers’ release date brought forward


Chinese Whispers_bookThose of you who have been following the progress of my third book ‘Chinese Whispers’ will be aware that there was a significant delay in the latter part of 2014 while I waited for delivery of a long-overdue assessment report on my first draft from my literary consultant. As a result of this delay I estimated that the publication date of the book would slip from January 2015 to April 2015.

Notwithstanding the frustrating delay, I must say that the report, when it finally arrived, provided some very useful pointers as to how the manuscript could be improved. I took these points on board while revising and polishing the manuscript and I’m very happy now with the final version.

The good news is that, with invaluable help from my good friend Helen Christmas at Cottagewebs  http://www.cottagewebs.co.uk/  I’ve been able to claw back quite a bit of time in the processes of copyediting, typesetting, and file conversion for both paperback and kindle versions. The files have now been uploaded to the printer (for the paperback) and Amazon (for the kindle version).

So what’s left to do? Well, both versions now have to be proof-read online to weed out any last punctuation or spelling errors that may be lurking in there (I never cease to be amazed at how difficult it is, even for professional copyeditors and proof-readers, to spot every single one of these little devils!), and then I will order a physical hard copy proof of the paperback to satisfy myself that everything is as intended before I release the book for sale.

If all goes well then the release date will be brought forward from April 2015 to February 2015.

If you have already read ‘Buyout’ and Payback’ I hope you will find ‘Chinese Whispers’ a satisfying conclusion to the Roy Groves trilogy. If you haven’t read them, then get reading right away so that you can appreciate Chinese Whispers in its full context!