CHINDI Library talk



As you will be aware from a previous post, I have recently joined a group of independent authors – Chichester Independent Authors (CHINDI). We just held an event in Chichester Library where we shared our experiences with an audience of other potential or budding independent authors in order to advise and encourage them in their efforts to get that first book published. It was a great evening and I hope we helped some of those present avoid some of the pitfalls that we in CHINDI have stumbled over.

It was also interesting and instructive for me, personally, to learn more about the different approaches to independent publishing which each of us in CHINDI have taken – there is definitely more than one way to skin the proverbial mammal!

Visit the CHINDI website for some details and photos of the event

Our next public event is ‘Woodies Wine and Words’ on 20th November – also to be held in Chichester at Woodies restaurant. Here we will be combining food sampling and wine tasting while some of the CHINDI authors read excerpts from their books.

If you live within travelling distance of Chichester, why not come along? It’s only £10 including the food and wine. Call 01243 770895 to reserve a place.