CHINDI – Chichester and West Sussex Network of Independent Authors


I have recently joined a group of independent authors based in West Sussex. They call themselves ‘CHINDI’ (explanation in the title above). It’s not easy, as an indie author, to market and promote one’s books, so joining forces with others who are facing the same challenges, in order to share ideas and share costs certainly makes sense.

What a nice bunch of people! These authors present an incredibly diverse range of genres in their books – everything from thrillers, to biographies, to children’s books – but they are united by one common theme: a love of writing. I am honoured to have been accepted into their ranks and I aim to read every one of their books over the coming months. I am already well into my first – a biography – ‘Aitch’ by Jill King, and loving it!

Check out the CHINDI website to find out more about these authors and their books.

I’ll say a bit more about CHINDI in future posts.