‘Chinese Whispers’ – First draft complete!


Chinese Whispers_bookI have finally completed the first draft of my latest book ‘Chinese Whispers’. This is the third book in the ‘Roy Groves Thrillers’ series. For those who have not read my previous books here’s the potted summary of the trilogy.

In my first book, ‘Buyout’, Roy Groves and a group of his fellow directors are running a successful electronics company. They are, however, constantly ground down by the oppressive demands of the huge American corporation which owns the company. They decide to take a gamble and attempt to buy the company and run it themselves. They are convinced that, as an independent operation, they will be able take the company to new heights of performance and at the same time escape the stifling interference of their corporate owners. However, it soon emerges that there are powerful opponents to their plan who will resort to deception, betrayal, and blackmail in order to torpedo the management buyout bid. What seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity soon turns into a nightmare, as the lives, careers, and marriages of the buyout team look to be heading for disaster. For obvious reasons I won’t disclose the outcomes here.

Whilst ‘Buyout’ is a work of fiction, it was inspired by my own real-life experience of participating in a particularly fraught management buyout, and I can say in all honesty, that the kinds of skulduggery described in my book really do happen in real life!

My second book, ‘Payback’ charts the fortunes of Roy and the rest of the team over the next few years as they run into even stormier waters with old scores waiting to be settled and an old enemy resorting to ever more devious tactics – including murder – to achieve his ends.

‘Payback’ also draws heavily on my own business experience, but in this book, some of the plot moves beyond the limits of what I have experienced in my business career. For example, I must admit that I have never actually encountered anyone prepared to commit murder in pursuit of their business objectives!

So now the third book in the series ‘Chinese Whispers’ is almost complete. Once again, some of the plot draws on my business experience, but this time we move much more into mainstream thriller territory as Roy finds himself battling organised crime – in the shape of the notorious Triads – in an effort to protect his company and his family.

Having completed my first draft, it is with some trepidation that I have offered up my work for independent assessment by literary consultants, Daniel Goldsmith Associates http://www.danielgoldsmith.co.uk/ . I have also given a copy of the manuscript to my wife, Rhonda, for her assessment!

I now wait with bated breath for feedback on my manuscript. It’s inevitable that after spending months or years writing a book, one becomes somewhat protective of one’s work, and it’s never easy to accept criticism. I have to admit, though, that I found that both of my previous books benefitted greatly from such independent assessment, followed by a certain amount of rewriting and refinement of the manuscript.

So ‘Chinese Whispers’ moves a step closer to publication. In my next post, I’ll explain a bit more about what sort of things are included in the assessment carried out by Daniel Goldsmith Associates, and how I will tackle any rewriting necessary.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done so, why not read ‘Buyout’ and ‘Payback’ so that you will know the backstory when ‘Chinese Whispers’ is published?