‘Payback’ by Ray Green – published 26th Feb 2014


Finally, my second novel, ‘Payback’, has been published. When I last posted on this blog, I was waiting for the proofs to come back from my proofreader, and naively thought we’d then be ready to roll within a few days. Well it didn’t work out like that: when I checked the proofread version myself I was still finding the odd punctuation or grammatical error and we went round the proofreading and correction loop several more times before arriving at the final, publishable version. It’s just amazing how long it can take to get from a ‘finished’ manuscript to a print-ready book!

Never mind! I am finally there, and ‘Payback’ is now published. If you have read my first novel, ‘Buyout’, you will know that it’s a story about a group of guys battling powerful opponents in an attempt to buy the company they work for. As their bid starts to fall apart, so do the lives, careers, and marriages of some of the team. I won’t say what the outcome is, in case you haven’t read it, and plan to do so. ‘Payback’ is the sequel, charting the fortunes of the main protagonists in ‘Buyout’ over the next few years as they run into even more turbulent seas, with a vicious opponent resorting to blackmail and murder in pursuit of his own twisted objectives.

If you haven’t read ‘Buyout’, I’d recommend you do so before reading ‘Payback’. Although ‘Payback’ can be read as a standalone novel, it is a sequel, and therefore makes a more coherent story when the reader knows the background.

‘Payback’ is available now on Amazon, in both paperback and kindle versions http://amzn.to/1ejhb81. The paperback version (ISBN 978-0957513822) can also be ordered through any other bookseller, though there may be some delay before it becomes fully available through all channels.

Now, finally, I can start fully to concentrate on my third Novel ‘Chinese Whispers’. I’m at a very early stage with this one: it should be published at some point during 2015.